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Yacon – 500g


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Yacon Organic fresh locally grown by Abundant Backyard.

Juiced, eaten raw, added to fruit salad or coleslaw, roasted or stewed Yacon is extremely versatile. They can even be cut and baked or fried like chips or used to make chutney. Yacon syrup can be used in baking, especially where a recipe calls for treacle or golden syrup.

Yacon is related to the Jerusalem Artichoke and sunflower, it looks like a kumera. When eaten raw, yacon has a flavour of mild juicy apple or pear. Yacon has a high water content and is great for juicing. Yacon contains a indigestible sugar (inulin) so it adds sweetness without calories. Yacon benefits bacteria in the intestinal tract and colon, promote the immune system and aiding digestion. Yacon is reputed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.


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