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Abundant Backyard is an acre market garden that provides spray free produce to the community and local businesses. It promotes organic and nature-friendly farming systems and practices that are energy efficient, climate friendly and oriented towards the conservation of the environment. It also promotes awareness to sustainable farming. All planting, cultivating and harvesting is done with hand tools. There is no use of big machinery on the farm. Abundant Backyard has the purpose of producing spray free food accessible to all people. We believe that these foods improve the functioning of our organism, prevent diseases and help to take care of the health of the planet and those who consume. Vegetables, microgreens and herbs from the producer straight to your table! All healthy and fresh.

“Fresh, Local, Spray free – straight from the farm to your table”

The Farm

The farm is relocated to Te Puke, where we started working the soil in June 2023. This land has a very nutritious top soil and we are currently working on keeping weeds and grass away from the new vegetables. For this we are putting cardboard and a cover compost, leaving any weed seeds under the cardboard, with this our new veggies are growing stronger and healthier.

The Farmer

Silvio Maffra grew up in Brazil in a farming family business. He has an Animal Science Bachelor Degree back home and a NZQA Level 4 Certificate in Organic Horticulture in New Zealand, and he is currently undergoing a certification in Permaculture Design. Before settling in Tauranga, he traveled to Mexico, Costa Rica and others Central American countries volunteering at many permaculture and organic farms, gathering and sharing knowledge about successful small scale growing. Over the last years, Silvio has devoted total to his work producing fresh, high quality foods, free of any types of pesticides and herbicides that can contaminate the soil. He makes all his choices based on these three ethics values: People Care, Earth Care, and Fair Share.


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Egon Rivera      021 08496111     

Te Puke, Tauranga,   New Zealand.




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Abundant Backyard
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Abundant Backyard
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